"Navigating the complexity of change in the educational environment can be daunting. Dr. Hitchcock helped simplified this process for us, helping us wrap our minds around key insights and next steps in our journey towards CBE and credentialing. This type of simplicity fostered the action steps for which we needed clarity." - Joel Liechty, Director, Education and Clergy Development, The Wesleyan Church

"Hitchcock both embodies and empowers excellence in his work. He has enabled me to enter what was previously uncharted educational and organizational territory with confidence and expanding competence." - Philip Thompson, Professor of Systematic Theology, Sioux Falls Seminary

"Nathan was instrumental in leading us through a collaborative process in which we established a clear vision for the future of our church. His ability to see both the big picture and assist in implementing the critical details was invaluable. Much of the fruit we are now enjoying in our ministry is owed to the Lord's work through him." - David Sinkgraven, pastor, Life Church

"As a pioneer student in this adaptive style of education, Dr. Hitchcock provided grounding and organization for my continued pursuit of calling. Dr. Hitchcock’s style of education enabled me to link arms with mentors in my field while giving me robust learning opportunities throughout my tenure as a student. I am thrilled with where my degree has taken me thus far!” - Jennifer Swanson, seminary graduate

"Dr. Hitchcock knows how to help students navigate their studies. With his experience in education, his heart for discipleship and his understanding of the workplace, he strategically led me on a transformational educational journey while I was deeply embedded in my context as a pastor, missionary and leader." - Steve McCready, lead pastor, Faith Church St. Thomas, Ontario

"Whether in class or putting together new programs I have always appreciated Dr. Hitchcock’s pioneering spirit to improve higher education. If it wasn’t for his work on the Kairos Project at Sioux Falls Seminary I would not have my MDiv today. I’m forever grateful for his work to look at alternative ways to educate future ministry leaders." - Dave DeVries, financial associate, Thrivent Financial