Sevensided comes alongside organizations to help them build high-quality systems that utilize competency-based learning and educational crowdsourcing.

Presentations in CBE and Educational Crowdsourcing

Hard-hitting presentations on key topics such as competency-based learning, educational crowdsourcing, the threefold crisis in higher ed, on-the-job training, microcredentials, cutting edge trends in education, options beyond online education, eliminating student debt, the new model for seminaries, the theological basis for the new model.

Instructor training

Training sessions for professors/instructors that introduce, reinforce and evaluate habits that support the new system.  Follow-up sessions to assist instructors as they build inputs and outputs for the system.

Advisor/mentor training

Training sessions for key supervisors in the educational process, helping them develop habits for mentoring, network management, curricular customization, and evaluation.

Strategic planning

Advising administrators and faculty for core planning elements.  Sharing wisdom from real-life organizations that have gone through a similar transition.

Project management

Playing a primary or secondary role in project management, establishing the cycle from initial research to training to structural design to content building to data collection and evaluation.

Accreditation compliance

Sharing existing standards for the relevant accreditors.  Working as a catalyst to establish a good working relationship with accreditation organizations.

Curricular design

Facilitation of curricular design, helping to articulate competencies, inputs and outputs.  Identifies and supports subject matter experts.

Course/event design

Translating existing course content into the new model and vice versa.  Resources for establishing competency-oriented courses, intensives, boot camps, conferences, etc.  

LMS customization

Identification of the best LMS and other technology solutions to host the new model.  Customization of new or existing LMS for competency-sensitive design and integration of students’ personal network.

Policy design

Sharing of manuals and best practices from similar organizations.  Assistance in drafting and improving policies in iterative fashion.

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