Solutions for competency-based, network-based education

Building competency in community. 


Online delivery isn't enough.

While the basic principles of education have remained largely unchanged for millennia, recent cultural changes are forcing educators to rethink how learning is conducted.  The information revolution is disrupting everything.  Online courses seem to be a natural response, but they aren't the fundamental solution. 

There are better options.  Sevensided Consulting exists to help organizations build high-quality systems that utilize competency-based learning and educational crowdsourcing.

Sevensided understands competency-based education (CBE).  CBE measures a learner's progress in terms of their actual proficiency, not in terms of participation or seat-hours.  It identifies discrete learning units, whether knowledge or character or skill sets, and grants a student credit once he or she demonstrates a certain level of mastery.  Schools using CBE love it for its clarity, speed, flexibility and portability.  Students do too.  Sevensided Consulting knows how to implement CBE, partially or fully, in ways that comply with and exceed accrediting standards.

Perhaps more critical, Sevensided understands network-based education. Competency is meant to be forged in community. Programs can and should be intentional about using a student's whole network, not just professors and instructors, to achieve learning.  Beyond a capstone internship or practicum, real-world experiences with real-world supervisors can be woven into the very fabric of a program. The successful training programs of the future will be using mentors, coaches, managers, co-workers, counselors, pastors - even friends and family - as part of the formal learning process.  Sevensided is on the leading edge of such educational crowdsourcing, making sure networks are being used in effective, high-quality ways.

Sevensided Consulting was started by Dr. Nathan Hitchcock in 2018.  His previous work with Sioux Falls Seminary resulted in explosive results, including a tripling of students in programs over five years.  He works with undergraduate programs, graduate schools, parachurch organizations, churches and businesses looking to build innovative training systems.